Ah, the fabled silver lining – there’s one for every dark cloud. Even the worst break-ups have them, according to Happenmag.com. In this article, the author collects true-life break-up stories that turn out to have happy endings.

“About five years ago, I met Sara at a Memorial Day barbecue and we began going out. We had fun together – I wasn’t sure it was anything that was heading towards marriage, but I had a good time with her. She must have felt the same way too, because a few weeks into our dating, she said, ‘You know, you’re a great guy, and at the risk of sounding totally weird, I think you would really hit it off with my sister, Kathy.’ Even though the rejection stung a little, I said I was up for meeting her sister. Good thing I did – Sara was the maid of honor when Kathy and I got married.”

Do you have an experience where a break-up turned out to be a good thing, perhaps even the best thing that came out of that relationship? Share them with our readers, and comment on what others have to say. And just a quick note that I’ll be back from my vacation tomorrow, so this is the last chance to take advantage of $100 off my CD series, Finding the One Online. To find out more or to order, click http://www.findingtheoneonline.com/promo/

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