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I. Wish. I. Made. This. Video.

But my inability to grow a full beard and my lack of molecule software would prevent mine from being as snazzy as this one.

I really like this guy’s blend of hard and soft science; it’s what I try to do here as much as I can.

My biggest takeaway – and it was something I already knew – was that more money doesn’t equate to (much) more happiness. If you freeze the chart at 3:21, you’ll see for yourself. People who make $75K rate their actual happiness at a 7/10. People who make a half million dollars rate theirs at a 7.3/10.

More money doesn’t equate to (much) more happiness.

But the most important message is that committed, long-term love – a pair bond that lasts forever – is about the greatest ticket to happiness known to mankind. Dogs are great. Friends are cool. Travel is a fun, temporary high. But if you want a long happy life, choose a great partner to share the ride.

Have a great day, everybody.

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