This guy I met online did something creepy - should I run

About three years ago, a man on OkCupid messaged me. I wasn’t interested in meeting, so it ended pretty quickly. Eight months ago, I reactivated my account and he messaged me again. Again, it didn’t go beyond OkCupid messages and I deactivated soon after as I wanted to take a break from dating. About two weeks ago, I reactivated and once again, he messaged me. This time we both agreed it was amusing that we’d been on the dating site for so long and a meeting was overdue. We quickly began texting daily and he wanted to meet soon. For some reason, I didn’t trust him. He’s very good looking and just seems too smooth with his words. I’m ashamed, but I ended up searching him on Google and found a blog post written in mid-2013 by an ex-girlfriend warning others to stay away. Included in the post were photos of two handwritten lists compiled in 2011 of 85 women he had interest in dating or sleeping with. One list was of OkCupid women alphabetized and color-coded, which had my name and OkCupid username listed and coded as “will never meet”. I haven’t asked him about these lists and not sure I should. Does this sound like a large red flag or the act of a woman scorned?


Yes and Yes.

It should be quite easy to find a man who does not have a fuck list published on the internet.

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