10 Best Casual Dating Sites to Try: Free Hookup Sites Works

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  • Jan 7, 2023

The Internet is full of supposed free casual dating sites and places where adults can hookup with others for adult hookup sex. However, they’re not all created equally. There are several different types of sites out there that cater to various audiences, have different types of services and connection options, and so much more. Some sites are free, some require membership, but they all have one thing in common: they offer the best opportunity to connect with other local singles for casual sex and more.

Check out our Editor’s Review of the 10 best hookup sites below to help you choose your new favorite.

1. The Original Casual Sex Website, Adultfriendfinder, Is Your First Choice

Adultfriendfinder is the OG casual sex website. This brand is now a network of websites, offering dozens of ways to connect with local singles and hook up for casual sex and more. The Adult Friend Finder network includes sex-positive sites and connections for every type of interest. It’s direct, simple, and there’s no beating around the bush.

2. Find Your Affair Hookup at AshleyMadison

AshleyMadison.com is the original affair website for steamy affairs and casual sex hookups. The site has been around for decades, offering connections with all kinds of sexy singles around the world. Plus, you can gain access to all of it by joining one site, although membership may require payment if you want full access to the site and the brand network.

3. Connect with Thousands of Other Singles on Bookofsex

Bookofsex.com is one of the most popular choices for people who just want to get laid. It’s a legit sex dating and adult website that helps singles (or not) make connections for casual sex and other needs. You can even find specific connections or fulfill your erotic fantasies, and there is a good ratio of men to women here. Memberships are available, although a bit pricey, but they seem to be worth every penny.

4. Alt Connects All Kinds of Kinky Singles for Alternative Fun

Alt.com is another site that has been around for a long time, offering plenty of local connections for alternative lifestyles, BDSM, and kinky dating, and casual sex. If you’re looking for the best sex website for something a little non-traditional, this site has what you need. Membership options are available, but free access can let you explore the site first.

5. Seeking Connects Locals Looking for Hookups and More

At Seeking.com, local singles can hookup for steamy sex and more. The site even offers connections with escorts and other professional services, although individuals hook up here all the time. Seeking.com is free to join, and it offers one unique feature, too: sugar dating. Plus, there’s a good ratio of women to men, which is difficult to find in a lot of the sites online. Paid membership will be required for full access.

6. Fuckbook: It’s Like Social Networking for Casual Sex

Fuckbook.com is quickly becoming a popular choice. As the site continues to weed out bots and require premium security for all members, users can trust that they are connecting with actual local people who want to meet for sex and more. The site is free to join, but memberships are available for full access and premium features.

7. Find Sexy Local Single Women at Victoriamilan

VictoriaMilan.com is rated as the best site for cheating or “married dating”, and it offers connections to beautiful women. The site also claims to be bot-free, although some users complain that women on the site are greedy and will continue to ask for money. This isn’t common, and the site offers discreet, anonymous connections for those who are attached or want to be secretive about their casual encounters.

8. There are Plenty of Ways to Hook Up at Benaughty

Benaughty.com is designed for exactly what the name says: a place for people to be naughty and meet others who are looking for the same. This website offers free signup and has a decent network of users. Membership is required for full access.

9. Fish For Casual Encounters and More at POF

POF.com is geared more toward online dating than casual sex, but it does offer the opportunity to connect with local people for anything that is desired. As more people search for ways to connect discreetly, regular dating sites like this are becoming a popular place for casual sex hookups and other adult encounters. POF eventually requires paid membership for some services, but a lot can be done for free.

10. Mixxxer Connects Sexy Singles for Hookups and More

Another site that is growing in popularity for hooking up and sex dating is Mixxxer.com. This site offers better mobile access than most and it allows people to sign up for free to check things out. It uses GPS to connect local singles and let you know who’s available in your area and consistently ranks among the best sites on the market today. Premium memberships are available for full access, as well.

The Verdict

Any of these sex dating sites could be a good choice when you are in the market for casual sex and hookup encounters. There are a lot of different people out there seeking the same thing, and whether you want to pay for membership or not, something on this list should serve your needs. You might even want to check out a few of the sites for yourself before settling on one, because they all have their pros and cons, and might do better for your needs.

As long as you take the time to check for real local profiles and a legitimate reputation, you’ll have no trouble hooking up for casual sex online. These sites are becoming more commonplace as casual hookups become more acceptable, which means the selection is only going to keep getting better. Sign up today with any of these casual sex sites and you’ll be on your way to great hookups in no time at all.

How to Start a Casual Relationship to Find Hookups

Casual relationships are pretty tricky to define in a couple of sentences. They’re essentially one-on-one relationships with individuals that really enjoy spending time with one another, but aren’t looking for commitments of any kind. Think of dating, but without any of the romance. Casual relationships may or may not involve sexual activity, too.

What makes casual relationships tricky is being able to set one up right with someone else. You can’t just go, “Yeah let’s go to the movies and have sex every Saturday,” and call it a day. Communication and honesty are key points to consider in these relationships, as you’ll find out in this blog.

With that out of the way, here’s how you can start your own casual relationship and enjoy someone else’s company without the commitment attached to it.

1. Find the right person

You know the saying - it takes two to tango. You’ll obviously need someone who’s willing to engage in a casual relationship with you. Usually, though, you don’t actively look for someone to start a casual relationship with.

A lot of the time, you find yourself liking a person a lot more than you normally would, but you aren’t looking for a committed relationship with them. These are the people you’d want to approach for casual relationships. Of course, they’ll need to accept your confession to wanting a casual relationship, so be sure to let them know as soon as you can to set things straight from the get-go.

2. Decide whether or not to publicize your relationship

While it’s good to let your friends know about your personal lives, it’s no stretch to say that not everybody has a positive view of casual relationships. The norm of committed relationships has made it difficult for people to accept the idea of casual dating. And, if you and your partner have mutual friends, there’s a good chance that things can get really messy really quick once they learn about your relationship. Be sure to determine whether or not you should make your casual relationship public, and when to do so.

3. Plan for everything (and I mean everything) beforehand

It’s time to unlock your inner strategist and plan ahead with your partner. Casual relationships don’t have the same, unspoken ground rules of typical relationships, so you’ll have to define them on your own terms together. There are a few things to consider, but the main factors to take note of is your methods of communication, the frequency of your dates, and how to end (or evolve) your relationship.

So, for example, you can agree that you and your partner should communicate exclusively via Messenger or Twitter DMs. You can set your dates to happen once a week during Saturday evenings. And, if one person develops a romantic interest for another, you can either a.) end the relationship right there if the feeling isn’t mutual, or b.) shift the relationship to an official, committed one if the feeling is mutual.