50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Heart Melt

things to say to make her cry
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  • Jan 8, 2023

When we first start dating someone we’re on a high—quite literally as our brain chemistry is altered. When things settle down and the high goes away we sometimes forget declaring how much we like someone. Yet, to keep the spark going we need to do just that—shower our partner in appreciation and do things with them that keep the flame alive.

So, in this article, we look at things you can say to your girlfriend to make her weak in her knees and reawaken the butterflies in her belly. Of course, different things are suitable for different occasions—don’t tell her she looks hot after she just had some bad news, and don’t tell her how “cute” she is, when she’s dressed like a sexy goddess.

Naturally, this list of 50 cute things to say to your girlfriend isn’t specifically for your girlfriend—so take some time to think about what makes her special and unique. Come up with your own compliments and cute things to say to her that are tailored to her unique personality!

Cute things to say to your girlfriend

things to say to make her cry
  • 1. You’re the first thing I think about in the morning, nine days out of ten.
  • 2. You look good even after a hard workout. Perhaps even better because of a hard workout!
  • 3. You don’t complete me—you complement me.
  • 4. You know just how to make me smile after a long day.
  • 5. I so appreciate that you know me well enough to give me just what I need.
  • 6. You’re hotter than a jalapeño pepper and a lot better looking ;)
  • 7. You’re one of the kindest people I know. You do so many things for other people. It’s an honor to know you.
  • 8. You respect others and I respect you for it. To be with you is to be with someone I have faith will always do the right thing—and if you fail to do so, learn from it and try again. I’m so proud you chose me to be with you.
  • 9. You were on my mind today. A little bit. Just a tiny bit. A tiny bit of every minute.
  • 10. I can’t stop thinking about you. Seriously. Even when I’m thinking about other things, I manage to think about you at the same time.
  • 11. Your personality and your looks are both knockouts.
  • 12. I keep asking myself how I could be so lucky as to have you being in love with me.
  • 13. I wake up with a smile because of you.
  • 14. I want to make you happy. Every day. Please tell me what I can do today to make you smile a little brighter?
  • 15. You’re totally gorgeous. Seriously. You make me do a double take every time.
  • 16. When you look like that, I just can’t believe you’re mine. You’re gorgeous. And I know it’s not just the outside.
  • 17. After all this time, I still get butterflies in my belly when you smile at me like that.
  • 18. Gosh woman, you drive me insane. I want you so much I can’t think straight. I’m sure my boss will love you if s/he meets you, but I’m not sure s/he will love me if I keep walking around like this…
  • 19. I can’t think straight with you around. All I think about is tearing your clothes off.
  • 20. I know we go through rough patches from time to time, but I think everyone does. And the fact that we get through them makes us special.
  • 21. I love how you put an effort into our relationship, and also into your own life. You stand strong alone and you make our relationship better by the day. I don’t know how I got to be this lucky.
  • 22. Thank you for loving me. You being there inspires me to be a better person. And you standing by my side gives me strength.
  • 23. While I know we both have the strength to face life alone, facing it together with you makes it so much better and the two of us so much stronger.
  • 24. Have I told you you’re cute? Only 100 times? But still. You’re cute. And I miss you right now.
  • 25. I love that I still miss you when we’re apart.
  • 26. I love how you share your opinion, yet encourage me to make my own decisions and support them.
  • 27. I love you. I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t seem to be able to stop.
  • 28. You’re a fantastic person—inside and out.
  • 29. I love how you make me laugh.
  • 30. I still love flirting with you after all this time. I consider myself lucky to have a girlfriend who can still make me smile with just a text.
  • 31. You’re the most amazing person I ever met. And I’m not just saying that—you are truly an amazing soul. The fact that I get to share my life with you right now is a treasure beyond words.
  • 32. I’m blessed to have found someone I’m attracted to mind, body and soul.
  • 33. Your body, brain and heart are equally sexy.
  • 34. I love that after all this time, I’m still finding out more about you every day.
  • 35. One look from you makes me weak in the knees.
  • 36. I think when I first met you I noticed your looks, but as I got to know you I realized it’s your personality that truly makes you so attractive.
  • 37. You in high heels and a skirt is a real knockout.
  • 38. You should warn me before dressing like that—I need to prepare myself if I am to be out and about with you and not drool. And stop myself from dragging you home and tearing your clothes off.
  • 39. I love that I find you sexy even in jeans and a t-shirt.

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her heart melt

things to say to make her cry
  • 40. You have the best smile in the world. And seeing you happy makes my insides melt.
  • 41. Is there anything I can do to make you smile today? Because that smile of yours is one of the favorite parts of my day.
  • 42. I have been in love many times, but I’ve never felt more at home with someone than I do with you.
  • 43. You’re a beautiful soul. I’m so grateful that I get to spend this time with you.
  • 44. When you dress like that, you make my heart skip a beat. Even when you don’t dress like that you make my heart skip a beat, but today you are particularly beautiful.
  • 45. You are the prettiest thing I ever saw.
  • 46. I love how you challenge me to become a better person, or perhaps it’s just that I want to be a better person because of you.
  • 47. You are my favorite person.
  • 48. You are one of the best things to ever to happen to me.
  • 49. I love how your presence lights up a room.
  • 50. You truly are a remarkable person—not least for the way you make me feel.

Those are 50 ideas for sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her heart melt—now you have a think and come up with your own list of at least ten things you think are cute that are specific to your girlfriend. Things she is and things she does that are cute. Good luck!