15 Good Sexting Lines for Her - Sexting Examples

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  • Feb 8, 2023

You can find plenty of ways to turn on a girl online. However, sexting remains the primary and most effective way to do it. However, you need to be smart enough to know when and what to say. Some lads have the skill and creativity of sexting and can make everything sound like a sext. On the other hand, others use a long list of effective sexting lines.

It does not matter if you have the best sexting line for your lady; if the timing and buildup of the sext are not there, it is less likely to work. Think of sexting as virtual foreplay rather than virtual climax. Below, this article will share with you some good examples of sexting lines and the scenarios to use them.

Good Sexting Examples

Every situation calls for a sext; however, every sext calls for a specific situation as well. You want to make sure you play your cards right when it comes to sexting. Some sexts are super intimate and hot, and you want to throw those when things start to heat up. On the other hand, some sexts are more subtle, and you want to play them as conversation starters. Similarly, different sexts apply to different people.

Good Sexting Lines for Her

  • ”I’m going to whisper in your ear all the things I’m going to do to you”
  • “I’m having trouble working today, can’t stop imaging you naked”
  • “I wish you were in front of me right now, so I could show you what I’m thinking of”

Sexts similar to these are great because they build anticipation and excitement. They are incredibly making your intentions clear. Furthermore, they also help evoke curiosity in the girl's mind and keep her asking for more. [Read: Adult FriendFinder vs. AshleyMadison]

  • ”Tonight, I am going to be your teacher and give you a hell of a spanking”
  • “I’m naked in bed right now, thinking about you on top of me”
  • “I am going to Lick every inch of your body”

Furthermore, sexts such as these also build anticipation but in a different way. Instead of leaving the girl curious, they manage to paint a picture in her head. These sexts have the power of imagination stuck to them, and they help the girl visualize the sexual scenario. Ultimately, the vivid visualization of steamy scenarios results in turning a girl on and maximizes your chances of sex.

Good Sexting Lines When You are Just Starting Out

  • “Undress me, using your mouth”
  • “Come over, and don’t forget handcuffs”
  • “Dessert is literally on me tonight”
  • “I want to watch you strip”
  • “I had a sex dream about you, can’t explain what it was, come over, let me show you instead”


These sexting lines are great initiators. They help set the mood and are possible gateways to an extreme and super hot conversation. The conversation that you can use to meet the significant other. You will notice that these sexing lines are subtle and depict the start of passionate foreplay. Furthermore, sexts also have an inviting nature to them. They try to pull others towards you. [Read: Free Sexting Apps & Sites to Trade Nudes With Strangers]

With sexts, you will benefit from being creative, imaginative, and descriptive. Do not just start by getting into her panties. Instead, try to get the momentum going, and then when it starts, throw in something nasty in the heat of the moment. You do not want to be too pushy and eager. Women do not appreciate impatience and thirst.