10 Tips For A Second Date All Men And Women Must Follow

second date tips
  • DatingRing
  • Feb 9, 2023

Going out on a second date is something that may be even harder for most people, especially for men.

In case you have really liked someone, and you want to make sure that they will want to continue seeing you in the future, then you definitely want to leave an even better impression the second time you meet.

For that reason, you should definitely follow some rules that will help you to maintain that attractive aura and make the other person feel even more in love with you.

Dress Casually

When going out for a second date, you can be a lot more casual than you were on the first one, and you don't need to stress too much about your outfit.

Since the two of you have already seen each other in your best looks, you can now opt for a more casual version of the date, and you can even come in a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

This goes both for men and women because you definitely don't want either of you to be overdressed for no reason.

Propose Something Different

tips for second date

If the two of you had a great time on the first dating, then you definitely realized you have a lot of things in common and possibly a mutually favorite place where you can hang out next time.

For that reason, make sure to propose a bit more casual version of a date and even some sort of a picnic, museum or gallery visit, or any other sort of irregular activity you believe your potential partner may be interested in.

Be Warm

Since you have already met and realized you may have some feelings for each other, you can act cooler on the next date and become a warmer person.

Hug them, have a pleasant smile, don't be afraid to open up to them, and basically talk to them like you would to an old and close friend.

Start Talking In Depth

If you already know that they are an understanding person that is willing to listen to you, then you should definitely open up a little bit and start talking with them about some deeper topics. [Read: When and What to Text After The First Date?]

You can talk about your childhood, your wishes, failures, future plans, whatever you want, and if they are the right match, they will definitely want to engage in this sort of conversation.

Show That You Are A Good Listener

Just like you would want to talk about all the things that are torturing you in life, you would definitely want to have a person that will listen to you no matter what.

When you see that your potential partner is starting to talk about something that is important to them and that may have a huge impact on their lives, make sure you turn into a good listener and offer them an opportunity to be open about everything.

Be More Flirty

second date tip

Since you are probably feeling a lot more comfortable around this other person now, you can definitely become more flirty and start initiating something, as long as they feel comfortable with that too.

In case you see that the other side is getting a bit shy, don't force anything and be more subtle. [Read: How to Talk to a Girl You Like Without Being Nervous]

Get Touchy

I would recommend you to start flirting but in a physical way and get a bit touchy from the beginning of the second date.

Hug them when you meet them, maintain intense eye contact, hold their hand, and you know, regular stuff you would also do with your partner.

Kiss Them At The End Of The Date

If you want to show them that you have had an amazing time with them again, you can initiate a small kiss at the end of the date.

However, if they pull away, don't feel bad; things like that happen all the time.

Don't Insist On Sex

If you see that your potential partner is interested in this sort of activity, you may hint at it, but don't make it way too obvious.

Some people feel comfortable doing it right on the second date, while others need a bit more time.

Thank them

It is always a good idea to thank the other person for the great time you have spent together – you can do it through a text message or by reaching out to them through social media, whatever works best for you.