Tips for Hooking Up with a New Guy

hookup with a guy
  • DatingRing
  • Feb 9, 2023

Guys are more passionate, so it is not that easy getting them to hook up with you. However, you still have to consider a few tips before you can engage with them intimately. Hooking up with a new partner is a stressful endeavor. Even though you both share the same interest in a casual hookup, there is still an air of uncertainty lingering around the corner of your mind.

This is largely due to the trust factor associated with hooking up. It involves deeply intimate and invasive activities that require a certain level of comfort to perform. Hence, to achieve the specific confidence and comfort, consider the following tips.

Talk about Your Feelings

The only way you can rid yourself of pre-hookup anxiety is by talking about your feelings with the partner. Let your partner know about how you feel and let out all your emotions to create a better understanding. Talking about your feelings will not just help you get comfortable with the situation but also make the hookup more intimate.

Furthermore, talking about your feeling remains the only way to rid unfamiliarity from the situation. Thus, maybe pick partners that are good at communicating, or look for a guy with good listening skills. A good meaningful conversation before a hookup can elevate your time in bed by a milestone.


The best way to get rid of the pre-hookup nervous energy is to exercise. Take a long walk or go for a run and sweat out all the nervous toxins circulating your brain. Exercising is a great way to prepare yourself for some intimate action, as it limbers up your body and sharpens your mind. [Read: How to Get Over a One Night Stand]

Exercises such as runs and especially yoga is an emphatic way to cope with the anxieties of hooking up with a new guy. Limbering up and staying fit can ultimately get you to achieve a comfortable and cozy time hooking up.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Ideally, you should take every possible measure that helps you relax. Make sure not to try too hard when preparing. Listen to your mood and do whatever makes you most comfortable. This also applies to your choice of clothes.

Take no pressure in wearing the right outfit; instead, wear whatever makes you feel best. Forget about your appearance and dress as freely as possible. Moreover, being open with your outfit gives off the impression that you are confident, relaxed, and not making a big deal of it.

Talk about Your Preferences

This tip may be the sole decider of the success of the hookup. Be verbal about what you like and what you do not like. Do not hesitate to speak up about your preferences; take control of the situation so that you can get the most out of the hookup. Guys normally like a partner who shows hints of dominance and assertiveness. [Read: 10 Ways to Meet Single Women]

Furthermore, keep the hookup communicative, and make it fun, playful, and silly if you wish. As a casual setting, you want your time to be memorable, so try to add a dash of humor into your experience. Communication makes hooking up easier and more satisfying for both. Not to mention, most guys usually need guidance anyway.


Expect guys to be unprepared and take responsibility yourself. This involves carrying some fragrance and a pack of minty bubble gum with you. More importantly, toss a few condoms in your handbag for safety.


Getting adventurous with a new guy is not an easy task. However, these tips will prove useful to you. Moreover, don’t forget about post-hookup care. Hydrate, rest and take a hot soothing shower for recovery and relaxation.