How to Get Over a One Night Stand

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  • Feb 8, 2023

One-night stands are an amazing source of relaxation and stress-relieving fun. Even though you try to make one-night stands casual, it is hard not to catch fleeting feelings for someone. Usually, sharing physical intimacy may also lead to some unforgettable moments. Developing a likeness for your hookup partner is entirely possible, especially if there are a few drinks involved in the meeting.

The intense, intimate activity of sex makes it difficult to keep sex separate from emotions. Therefore, you need to have the insights and knowledge over how to prepare for an emotionless time hooking up. Below are some tips that can help you get over a one-night stand.

Don’t Involve your Emotions

Keep reminding yourself that a one-night stand is a way to fulfill your sexual desires and not a gateway to a relationship. Think rationally about your experience and always have conscious thought over the decisions of casual sex. Make your motives clear before you engage with the other person, let them know whether you are just looking for some fun, or consider taking the one-night stand to another level.

Keep your intentions on the table before the fun begins. This will help you set emotional boundaries and restrict your partner to keep their emotional tendencies away from you. Think of it as a warning sign you give to a person. You tell them that you are vulnerable to emotional attachment so that they do not make moves that show emotional investment. Remember, a good one-night stand has less talk and more action. [Read: How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text or Face to Face]

Be grateful for the experience you are having, and be fortunate that you have a person who is sharing it with you with the added emotional baggage. Show commitment to the initial purpose of the one night stand, which is solely just fun and nothing else.

Stick to Superficial Small Talk

When it comes to one-night stands, make sure that your conversation with the partner revolves around superficial and light topics. Deep and meaningful conversations while one-night stands often lead to an infusion of feelings to the explicit activities.

Thus, you should not concern yourself about the other person’s values, passions, and other personal details. Instead, keep the conversation random and baseless. It is best to pick a partner that you do not share similarities for this reason. Ideally, you want to go for someone attractive but has nothing in common with you in terms of interests.

Don’t Stay the Night

If you want to get over with a one-night stand, you must not stay the night over. Waking up in the arms of a stranger adds more intimacy and memory to your whole experience. If you want to get over a one-night stand, make sure that you remember as little of it as possible. Hence, it is ideal that you do not spend the night after long hours of intimate action. Flee the scene by making up a believable excuse. [Read: How to Hook up With Someone without Being Awkward]

Even if you do end up staying the night, you should leave first in the morning. This helps shorten the time you both have with each other and lessens the probability of feelings getting involved. For this reason, you will benefit from not staying in contact with the person at all. Block, delete, or mute them if you have to.


Catching feelings for your hookup partner is a very common outcome. This is mainly because most people venture into the hookup culture without having respect for the rules. These rules shun emotions for the sake of pleasure and only care for momentary happiness. Thus, you need to approach and deal with one-night stands with full preparation if you wish to avoid feelings.