How to Hook up With Someone without Being Awkward

hookup without awkward
  • DatingRing
  • Feb 8, 2023

Ever felt the awkward jittery that comes with meeting someone new for a random hookup or maybe things moving so fast it’s getting to the “fun” part, and you’re afraid to ruin things. Here are some fantastic tips to keep off.

Getting past the awkward beginnings

Hooking up with someone for the first time is often the scariest experience ever. It’s okay if you choose to highlight your right sides and accomplishments, all the while hiding your imperfections. If you go into a hookup that would probably not last till the next day, things might be a bit easier. Still, what happens when you’ve had that first night and the real you get to shed out like a chameleon because let’s face it hookups are often associated with exhaustion, massive drama, and if it gets to that, sometimes emotional breakdown.

Do Not Hide Your Intentions

One of the best ways to avoid the awkwardness associated with relations is making your intentions about expectations known from the onset. Do you simply want a date? Or a want someone to stick around for something serious? And if any of these, what are the terms of engagement? These discussions are essential and will help you avoid the weirdness of not knowing the direction the relationship may go. [Read: How Does Tinder Work? Ultimate Guides For Beginners]

Set Your Boundaries and Guard Your Secrets

Before hooking up with someone, determine how much of your dirty past, you’re willing to spill. When it comes to hookups, this gets really out f hands when one partner cannot take revelations of the other. Secondly, some boundaries need to be set regarding who should do what in the relationship. Figuring these factors out keeps you safe from hurt feelings from overreaching actions of your partner.

Discuss the Terms of the Relationship

This is the most crucial point on the list. To avoid the awkwardness of what is allowed, the monogamy/polygamy talk should be discussed as early as possible. Surprisingly when it comes to hookups, some people want to be the one and only, while others cannot stick to one partner. It’s up to you two (or more!) to figure out exactly what role exclusivity plays in your relationship.

Want Out? Say It

Even before you discover that you’re not into things anymore, figure out your escape plan. Of course, we all know the awkwardness that comes with meeting a not-so-what-you-expected date from a dating spp. While many opt to escape through the restaurant back doors like in movies, I advise you to figure out a more dignifying and interactive mode of escape. After all, not all hooks go as planned. [Read: How to Hook Up with a Girl You Just Met]

Speak Out On Their Awkward Habits

Did he/she do something awkward, tell them how you feel about it immediately. Sometime hat may seem reasonable to your partner may total put you off—for instance, the awkward first fart situation or running into them making out with someone else. Also, figure out what is within the guidelines of your hookup and speak up when things exceed the boundary. That being said, these few tricks could go a long way to keep awkwardness off from your hookup.