How to Hook Up with a Girl You Just Met

hookup with a girl
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  • Feb 8, 2023

Hooking up with girl you just met can be an intimidating task. Even though one-night stands are casual, it still manifests an array of nervous energy. The feeling of unfamiliarity may become too difficult to handle.

The whole idea of casual sex exempts the emotional aspect from sex and encourages a purely physical time in bed. However, emotions do come into play when building up to that agreement; hence, you need to play your cards right. A single wrong move may cost you the hookup!

Use your best tool: Flirting

Flirting is best way to hook up with a girl and your biggest tool to get a girl into bed. Flirting is also necessary because it sets your intentions straight. It helps you show the girl that you are looking to have some fun and nothing other than that. However, some people go a little overboard when it comes to flirting. You want to ensure that your moves are friendly yet flirty.

Be Subtle

Make sure that your choices of words are not too provocative or offensive. The best way is to start with a friendly compliment and ease your way into the conversation with charm and class. Remember, in the game of hooking up, subtle and steady wins the race. Girls that just met you will not tolerate even a slight bit of compulsive and pushy behavior.

Playfully set your sexual intentions without showing any signs of controlling or possessive behavior. Show that you are interested in sex but also do not care whether it happens or not. Extreme eager behavior often comes out as creepy, especially to girls that you meet for the first time.

Focus on Positive Assertion

Girls naturally gravitate towards a person’s assertive and positive energy. She will only get intimate with you on the first meeting if she builds a level of trust with you. Hence, it is impossible to build someone’s trust if you possess confused and submissive behavior.

You want the girl to agree with you and show confidence in you; thus, you will benefit from being optimistic and positive. So, always be open to new experiences. Decisiveness is a trait that subconsciously convinces a girl to agree with you because you have all the right answers. [Read: How to Get Laid on Hookup Apps: No Strings Attached Sex]

Show your Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is one of the best ways you can get a girl to hook up with you. According to surveys, men with a good sense of humor have the highest chance of hooking up with a girl than others. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are short on height, attractiveness, or money. If you can make her laugh, you can also get her in bed.

Keep Chivalry Alive!

Even though you want to be straightforward about your intentions, make sure that you are polite. Kind and polite behavior can take you a long way. The girl you just met would much rather hook up with a gentleman than adhere to snobbish behavior. Humbleness does not only protrude a sense of good feeling but also increases your chances of hooking up. [Read: How to Find a Third Person for the Bedroom]

Be a Listener

Girls love to talk, and even more so, they love having someone to talk with. Therefore, the best way to ease towards hooking up with a girl is by listening. When conversing, make sure she does more of the talking; your role in the conversation should merely be of a backchannel buddy. Reflect upon her experiences and share small insights.


Overall, applying a few character traits provides loads of help; however, it also important to be yourself. Do not overcomplicate your interactions, and keep them simple and go with the flow. Having pressure over failing will hinder your confidence, which is essential when it comes to hooking up with a girl you just met.