5 Amazing Hook up Tips and Tricks

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  • DatingRing
  • Feb 8, 2023

In reality, the exact hookup tips and tricks to satisfy your partner in bed vary greatly for each person. Everyone is distinctive and has different preferences in bed. However, there are some universal tips and tricks; everyone should implement to ensure a good hookup. For someone with experience, you may have a good idea of what works and what does not when hooking up. Below are some of the basic tips that you must follow, regardless of your experience.

Make the First Move!

Be the icebreaker in the midst of the sexual tension. Now that you have done the hard work and agreed upon a consensual and casual hook up, don’t wait for the girl to make the first move. Welcome it if she does, and initiate if she does not. Contemporary societies are more open towards hookups; therefore, do not be surprised if your partner is more eager than you are.

Making the first move is not exactly a rule of thumb. Be open to dominant women that want to take charge. Regardless of who makes the first move, it is important not to prolong the action and get to the point. There is nothing more awkward than a long pause before a hookup.

Always Carry a Mint

This may be one of the most basic and important tips for a hookup. Bad oral hygiene is one of the biggest turnoffs for women. Hence, it is crucial to have minty fresh at all times in preparation for a hookup. You never know when you can get lucky. [Read: How to Choose the Right Hookup Sites for You]

A fresh breath is an impression you make while on first base. It can either lead you to failure or take you a step further. Therefore, always have a pack of gum or any edible mouth freshening mint in your pocket. Spontaneous hookup is incredible. However, without preparation, it can be disastrous.

Hygiene is a Must

Hooking up is a very intimate practice; it requires intense physical closure. Without good hygiene, no one would want to get close to you, let alone a girl. Prioritize a shower before hooking up, even if you have to go to the extent of delaying the hookup. As discussed above, women take hygiene very seriously. Your level of hygiene and grooming not only satisfies them but also makes the hookup more pleasurable.

Use Condoms

This is more of a precautionary tip rather than a performance one. However, it is more important than the rest. Always take contraceptive measures before you engage in sexual intercourse. You should not have to carry the burden of unwanted pregnancy or take the chance on sexually transmitted diseases. Just like how you carry a mint, make sure that you have a condom with you at all times. [Read: hook-up-without-awkward.html]

Having respect for the safety of your partner is not just a moral obligation but also a possible turn on for your partner. Furthermore, with a condom, you have the liberty to passionately take drive the steamy foreplay into fourth gear without the concerns of accidents.

Take it Slow

Unlike men, a women’s arousal has a more deep connection to emotions rather than instant stimulation. To make the hookup most pleasurable for your partner, you must take it slow and not rush into the climax. Maybe prolong the foreplay and spend more time cuddling. Furthermore, be experimental; make it exciting and new to spice things up.

To Conclude

The tips mentioned above are some of the cardinal steps for a successful hookup. Whatever other tips and tricks you adhere to apart from these, make sure you follow the former fundamentally. Just be a good person and possess a respectable character. Lastly, personal preferences matter; therefore, be open to questions and suggestions to achieve a good time.