Top 10 Older Men Younger Women Dating Sites for Age Gap Love

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  • Feb 8, 2023

If you're looking to find the best website or app for age-gap dating, you've come to the right place! Below you'll find a list of ten of the most well-known dating sites if you're looking to date people who are either older or younger than you.

Each site on the list has been chosen for various different reasons, be it that the site is innovative, has quality members, has a lot of members to choose from, or is so intuitive to use that it's an absolute pleasure to do so.

1. Seeking

Seeking is a general sugar dating site and app with a social media touch to it--you can look for friends using the site as well. While targeted to those over 20, anyone over 40 can join, making it perfect for age gap dating. If you belong to the older men dating younger women, you can join for free and explore if other members are a match. While the site isn't targeting age-gap dating, you will easily be able to find younger or older members to date.

Main Features

  • Profiles are detailed--you answer multiple-choice questions and upload a short paragraph about yourself and who you wish to meet
  • You can upload one private and one public album (all photos are approved by staff)
  • You can send winks to members
  • You can message members (if you are a paying member)
  • You can post blogs
  • You can participate in forums
  • In addition to searching for dates, you can search for activity partners and travel mates

User Experience

Seeking is a well-thought-out site that allows for plenty of different ways to connect with and interact with other members. Profiles are descriptive, making it easy to find a member who matches what you're looking for. Of course, not everyone has filled out their profiles properly, but many have. All photos are checked by staff before being approved, which keeps at bay some fake profiles.

The one downside with Seeking is that it doesn't have as many members as some of the larger dating sites on this list. However, if you're specifically looking to date someone 40+ it's a great site to try.

2. MillionaireMatch

Older men looking for younger women and younger men looking for older women may both enjoy Millionaire Match. A well-established dating site that claims to have no fake members is for successful people and attractive people. To join, you have to be one or the other (or both!). The younger members tend to be attractive and the older ones successful.

Main Features

  • Detailed profiles make it easy to get an overview of members, and all profiles and photos are reviewed by staff
  • You can send winks and messages (as a free member you can only reply to messages you receive, not contact new members)
  • You can comment on profiles and pictures
  • It's easy to create blogs and partake in forums on the site
  • There's a letter writing service for premium members so they can communicate via snail mail
  • You can verify photos on your profile
  • You can get a verified millionaire badge

User Experience

Millionaire Match is a site with high standards--both when it comes to approving members and keeping their site up to date. With close to 5M members, the site also offers plenty of potential matches to choose from. Membership, not surprisingly, comes at a steep price.

While Millionaire Match wasn't specifically designed for age-gap dating, it goes without saying that attractive members are usually younger than those who are successful.

The male-female ratio is excellent, and there are members in all age groups, plus the site is very easy to use, making the overall user experience a great one.

3. SugarDaddyMeet

Sugar daddy meet is a site for older men dating younger women and older women dating younger men. In short, it's a hot spot for age-gap dating.

Main Features

  • Profiles allow you to answer multiple-choice questions
  • Works like a social media site where you can comment on photos, statuses, and profiles
  • You can look for both friends and partners
  • You can upload both a private photo album and a public one
  • There are blogs and forums on the site, allowing you to join various different conversations happening
  • You can send winks to and message other members
  • Website and apps for iOS and Android available

User Experience

As most of the members (more than half of the one million members worldwide) come from the United States, the user experience in other countries is a little bit less interesting simply because there are fewer members. The male to female ratio is pretty good though, with about 40% of the site's users being female.

As each member has to verify their account with either FB or email, you won't find any bots on the site. Yet, it's easy enough to sign up--only take a couple of minutes.

As the profiles are detailed and there's the opportunity to interact like you do on a social media networking site, it makes for a nice user experience.

4. SecretBenefits

If you are looking to be dating a younger woman, or older man, Secret Benefits is a site you should check out. While not a large site, it is a niche site for successful dating. If you are more interested in age gap dating alone it may, however, not be the best site for you.

Main Features

  • You can create public and private albums
  • Private albums can contain nudity
  • You can message other members, as well as send flirts or chat with them
  • You can send other members virtual gifts
  • You create a brief profile when signing up

User Experience

As Secret Benefits has a lot more women than men using the site, men have more options. Most of the female members are 18-44, while male members are spread out across all age groups, though the largest age group is those over 55. Meaning that the site works best if you are looking for people in the most popular age groups.

Women use SecretBenefits for free, while men have to pay to be able to read messages and message other members. The membership price is pretty steep compared to other dating sites and there is no app.

In short, Secret Benefits is a simple online dating site for older men and younger women looking for age gap dating. If you want fancy match algorithms, or are looking for true love, this may not be the best site for you, on the other hand.

5. SugarBook

Older women looking for younger men are easy to find on age match. So are older men looking for younger women. You see, anyone on this site is looking for an age-gap of at least twenty years!

Main Features

  • Profiles are fairly detailed if filled out properly
  • You can choose to search the site anonomously
  • You can send winks to other members
  • Paying members can message other members
  • You can send out a "mass message" to various members who fit your criteria, but the message needs to be approved by moderators to prevent spam
  • There's a swap app feature that allows you to explore sister sites

User Experience

As this is a site for those looking for a serious relationship, you don't come across many people looking for casual dating. This is great, as it allows the people looking for the same thing to find one another.

As you cannot search for members who are less than 20 years older or younger than you, it further ensures that this is a site purely for age-gap dating. This helps making the user experience a smooth one.

There are members in all age groups, but somewhat more male than female users. Again, this makes it easy to find your ideal match whether you're male or female.

What's nice with this site and app is just that--it's focused on a niche dating area. Beyond that, there are no bells and whistles--the design isn't spectacular, nor are there spectacular profiles, or features. It's simply an easy-to-use app for age-gap dating.

6. AdultFriendFinder

Adultfriendfinder is not one of many older men younger women dating sites, or older women younger men dating sites (is that getting confusing? Just think age gap dating sites). No, Adultfriendfinder is a massively popular dating site with over 90M members globally. As such, you can find of all sexual orientations, looking for all sorts of relationships, including age-gap relationships. So whether you want a cougar, or a cub, or wish to date an older man, this is a site to check out.

Main Features

  • Offers a matchmaking algorithm based on the answers to the questions in your profile and show you your top 50 matches
  • You can search for other members based on your own criteria as well
  • You can send regular messages and text messages to other members
  • Women can send images in messages (men were banned from this after a lot of inappropriate use...)
  • With a standard account you can upload eight images (face filters are not allowed)

User Experience

With over 3.6M members active on a daily basis, it's easy to find members to connect with when using the site. The male to female ratio is also pretty even, which also helps.

The site is free to use unless you want premium features that aren't strictly necessary to use the site. This is fantastic as, unlike so many other sites, you don't have to fork out money to be able to message other members. You can also partake in forum discussions with a free account, however, you can't see someone's extended profile.

Thanks to profiles being detailed and members clearly stating what kind of relationship they're after, it's easy to find members looking for the same thing you are. You can easily set what age you want your partner to be. Overall, the site is superb to use.

7. CougarLife

Older women looking for younger men abound on Cougar Life. If you're a cougar of a cub, this is definitively a site you want to explore!

Main Features

  • You can search for members near you
  • You can send flirts
  • It's possible to chat or message other members
  • You can buy virtual gifts for someone if you want to make an impression
  • All members have to upload a profile
  • It's possible to create a private photo album only available to members you approve to see it

User Experience

Cougar Life was set up as a site for older women dating younger men, and they have done incredibly well with about 7M members worldwide. This is not so surprising when you look at their design--the landing page has a clear 50s theme and is extremely attention-grabbing.

Most users on the site are male, so it makes the experience a tad better for the women!

Profiles aren't particularly detailed, especially as most members don't bother to fully fill them out. This is a bit of a downer. There also appear to be a few fake members. So long as you proceed with caution, it's easy enough to weed them out though (and all free apps, like Tinder, have them too).

Overall, the site has a nice interface and is easy to use, but lacks bells and whistles when it comes to matching algorithms and innovative features. Plus points for the nice graphics, however.

8. EliteSingles

Dating a younger woman or man is easy if using Elite Singles. So is, for that matter, dating an older man or woman! Elite Singles is a dating site where most members are college-educated and over 30. So if you're looking for someone mature, you're in luck! Especially as it's a large, global website with plenty of members to choose from.

Main Features

  • You take a personality test/answer a questionnaire when signing up
  • Thanks to the above-mentioned personality test, Elite Singles uses a unique matching algorithm
  • Profiles are detailed
  • In addition to getting matches, you can search for other members
  • Offers both a site and an app (for iOS and Android)
  • You can message other members with a premium membership

User Experience

Elite Singles offers both a sleek site and app--both which are user-friendly. The personality test that is used for the matching algorithm ensures that the experience of using the site is unique. It's definitively a dating site for those looking for a relationship more so than those who are looking for casual dating.

As you can easily set what age group you're looking to date, it's easy to find older or younger dates as per your preference.

There are no exciting ways of communicating with members more than regular messaging. However, the site's usability makes up for it.

While the membership isn't particularly cheap, it does offer you entry into a world-renowned site with high-quality members.

9. Bumble

If you want to be dating an older woman or an older man, chances are you'll have your pick on Bumble. As one of the world's most popular dating sites and apps, you'll find plenty of men and women who are looking to date someone younger than them.

Main Features

  • You swipe yes or no on other members
  • If it's a mutual match, the woman is given 24-hours to message the guy (if it's a heterosexual relationship) and then the man has 24-hours to respond
  • The profile allows you to upload photos
  • You can link to your Instagram to show photos from there, too
  • You answer questions when creating your profile, such as how active you are, if you want something casual or serious, if you're religious, if you're a smoker, if you have or want children, and so forth
  • You can answer some questions that work as conversation starters (such as what makes for a great relationship, or if you had three wishes, what would they be?)

User Experience

While Bumble was set up as a more serious platform than Tinder, most people using Tinder also use Bumble. Meaning it's quite common to match with someone and never hear from them. That said, profiles are a lot more detailed than on Tinder. It's very useful to find out if someone is looking for casual dating, or a relationship, for example.

You can't search for people based on criteria on Bumble, rather you simply see members in your area that you get to swipe yes or no to. So there's no interesting match algorithm, but on the upside, you don't miss any potential match because of flawed match algorithms! You can, however, set the age of who you're looking for so it's no problem finding older men or women.

Overall, the Bumble experience is seamless--it's a great interface and very easy to use.

10. ItsJustANumber

It's Just a Number is a site dedicated to age-gap dating where there truly is a gap--i.e. not just a few years, but plenty of years! You'll find plenty of younger women dating older men and vice versa on this site.

Main Features

  • You can create a profile and upload images
  • It's possible to message or chat with other members
  • In addition to messages, you can share pictures, videos and music
  • You can post blogs and comment on other peoples' blogs
  • The site works like a social media networking site where you can see what other members get up to

User Experience

It's Just a Number isn't the most modern site out there, nor does it have the largest amount of members. What makes it so special though, is that it's still fully functional and absolutely free. As it works a bit like a social networking site, you also have plenty of opportunities to connect with and interact with fellow members.