7 Signs She Wants to Have a Date with You

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  • DatingRing
  • Feb 8, 2023

How do you know if a woman wants to have a date with you? For many men, it’s not easy to tell, and this can make the entire dating scene even more difficult to understand. However, some telltale signs could indicate she’s interested in dating and maybe having a relationship with you.

Below are some of the important things you’ll want to watch for. Keep in mind that just one or two of these might not indicate that she wants to have a date, but if there are several, and if they happen frequently, then she probably does.

She Always Seems Glad to See You

When you see her, regardless of how frequent it is, does she always seem happy to see you? Is she always pleased that you are there? If she looks forward to seeing you and is genuinely glad about having your company, then there is a possibility that she might be interested in a date. Of course, that’s just one of the potential signs. You are going to want to look for others.

She Listens While You Talk and Laughs at Your Jokes

Women tend to like to have someone who makes them laugh. However, when a woman is interested in a man, she may laugh even at things that aren’t as funny. It’s a way to show that she’s interested and that she likes you. If she seems fascinated with the things you have to say, and your jokes or sense of humor seems to be really working in your favor, it’s a great sign. It doesn’t mean that you are suddenly funnier, just that she’s into you.

She Recommends Good Spots for Dates

Does she often talk about great ideas for dates, or spots that she might like to go on a date? This is often a hint—sometimes subtle, sometimes not—that she would like for you to ask her to one of those places. That’s good because it means you already have an idea for your first date.

She Mentions When She Has Free Time

If she talks about having free time on the weekend, or on a certain night, it might mean that she’s interested in having you ask her out on that day and time. She’s essentially telling you when she’s available. You just have to make the next move.

She Doesn’t Talk About Other Guys in Front of You

This is a big one. If a woman talks about other guys that she finds attractive and that she would like to date, then she’s probably not interested in you. However, if she never brings up those other guys, it tends to mean that she currently has eyes for you. That’s yet more good news.

She’s Already Told Friends and Family About You

If you ever meet her friends or a family member, and they already know your name and a bit about you, that’s a great sign. It means that she’s talked about you with them before. This could mean that she’s interested in you enough that she’s already confided in others.

She Takes the Initiative

In some cases, the biggest sign that she wants to have a date with you is that she’ll ask. The days of men being the only ones who ask for dates are over, and that’s not a bad thing at all. If she tells you that she’d like to go out, well, that’s a surefire sign that you are doing something write. Now, just make sure that you have a great date.