10 Tips for Older Men Wanting to Date Younger Women

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  • DatingRing
  • Feb 9, 2023

Love is always about compatibility—two personalities and lifestyles that fit—but there are still some tips when it comes to dating younger women.

1. Keep an Active Lifestyle

The younger we are, the more keen we tend to be to lead an active lifestyle—from hiking and going on road trips, to attending fairs and hanging our with our friends. When we are single, especially, we need to step outside to socialize. And before we have children, or look after the upkeep of a house, we also tend to have more time on our hands. We are also curious—there’s much we are yet to discover.

When dating we are usually attracted to people who lead similar lifestyles, hence leading an active lifestyle will make you more likely to attract a younger partner. Of course, this isn’t always true—we do fall for people with different lifestyles at times—but at the very least, we need to be able to embrace the lifestyle of our partner. If your partner wants to be more active than you, you have to support that.

2. Stay Fit

While your partner will appreciate you are older, they will also appreciate that you look after yourself. Cardio and strength training will make you more attractive to the younger crowds as you’ll be more energized, able to keep up with the same activities, and look better.

Eating a healthy whole foods diet will also aid you in this goal.

3. Keep Stylish

Younger people tend to be more aware of current trends, as well as being overall more stylish. Possibly because they are not busy wiping baby puke off their sweaters, or dealing with teenagers in their home. What’s more, people looking for a partner are more prone to dress up to attract attention, than those who know someone is waiting for them at home. It really should be said that the person waiting at home deserves to see some attractive clothes as well, but the point here is that if you want to keep up with the younger crowd, make a date with a stylist. Or simply go shopping with someone who knows fashion.

You don’t want to “dress young” you simply want to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and also makes you look great!

4. Get a Haircut

Just as your wardrobe might need an upgrade, your hairstyle may need one, too. Ask your stylist what’s trendy and, also, suitable to your style and age. If you shop your clothes beforehand, you will have that style to present to them.

If you already have a great haircut (or wardrobe) then no change is needed! [Read: How to Tell Someone You’re Not Interested]

And remember, your aim is not to look young, but to look good in a style that truly suits you and brings out your best character traits.

5. Work on Your Confidence

Real confidence is knowing you will be alright no matter what life throws at you. You’ve been around the block and know how to navigate the streets. Women love this. Younger men tend to be more cocky than confident—thinking they can do anything. Which is important as without a bit of hubris most entrepreneurs and game changers would never have gotten into the race to start with. However, men attached to their accomplishments don’t always go down too well with women. This is partly why older men are attractive—they know their worth beyond their achievements.

6. Be Attentive and Show Kindness

Many younger guys are too busy with their careers and social lives to stop for long enough to pour their date a cup of tea, or a hot bath after a long day. Or they sit down and listen when their partner wants to “unload” by telling them about their day. Maybe on a day when their partner have an important meeting, they get up in time to make them breakfast, or tell them they’ll handle the dry cleaning that day.

Older men have been in the game for long enough to appreciate someone looking after them. So they tend to do the same—they stop to consider how someone is feeling and try to accommodate them.

7. Remember the Details

As with the last point, younger guys don’t always listen. They’re busy. They’re running their lives at a hundred miles per hour. She says she loves Mexican food, yet for her birthday, he takes her to an Italian restaurant he loves. And because he loves it, surely she will, too. So he thinks.

She says, “Please next week take care of watering the plants, because I’m going away.” He says, “Sure,” but forgets. She comes back to dying plants and he doesn’t think it a big deal—he’ll buy her some new ones. Problem solves. Yet those plants are her hobby; her passion and she’d grown some of them from seeds she’s collected for years. He’d known if he’d only cared to listen.

A man who has time to listen and pays enough attention to remember what’s being said is sexy. It makes a woman feel secure—she knows he will look after her in that he will care about her needs. [Read: 7 Things You Should Know About a Man]

8. Value Her Independence

A young woman often have a lot of career goals, as well as goals where social life and fitness are concerned. In short, she’ll be busy and while you might be able to pay her bills, she will likely want to do so herself. She’s still trying to prove herself, so let her. Support her in her goals, but don’t take away her independence.

9. Introduce Her to What Makes Relationships Work

A lot of women like older men because they’re more likely to settle down. However, younger women may be inexperienced—they might very well still think that because they like someone and are attracted to them, the relationship will be fabulous. Learning to communicate, understanding people need to be loved differently to actually feel loved (the five love languages), and supporting each other’s goals while also growing within the relationship may all be foreign to them. That’s why you learning to communicate those things is so important.

10. Be Honest

Younger women like an upfront approach to dating. If you’re looking for casual dating, say so up front. If you’re interested in finding a long term relationship, say so up front.